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Can we do something for you?

Would you like us to hold a technique workshop for your handbell choir? Perhaps you would appreciate learning a particular ringing technique - shelley ringing, weaving, four in hand, or bell passing, for instance. We can arrange for a MACH member to attend your choir's regular rehearsal to share tips on some techniques.

Will you do something for us?

What do you think of our web design? Do you have suggestions for improvements? Do you have any ideas for future concert venues? Do you have any ideas for our fund-raising committee? As a non-profit organization with significant expenditures for music and instruments, we welcome ideas you might have about how to meet these expenses so that we may continue to serve the community. If you discover an opportunity we may not have heard about, let us know!

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You also can send us e-mail at info@madisonhandbells.org, or call 608-620-1997.


MACH presents an exciting opportunity for the arts community of Madison. You can be a part of it! Make a tax-deductible gift to MACH by sending a check to the address shown above.

"It was as close to heaven as I've ever been."
-- audience member regarding December 1999 concert

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